Debian Python Documentation Project

Here is your one stop shop for documentation regarding Python on Debian and derivative systems. Here we’ll lay out archive-wide policy, describe the various Python teams that do work in Debian, define the team-wide policies, and describe the most common helper tools and work flows. We’ll also provide links to other helpful resources, such as mailing lists and wiki pages.

As of this writing (2015-10-28), you should not consider the information official. The intent is to collect the information available elsewhere and present it in a convenient, easy to find location. The information here may duplicate other, official documentation, and where that’s the case, we’ll always include links to that official documentation. The hope is that at some point, this will supplant those disparate sources.

This is work in progress and you are invited, nay, encouraged to help out! If you do, add your name to the author’s list below.


In alphabetical order, here are the list of people who have contributed directly to this project. Please note the excellent work of the folks who have written much of the original source material.

  • Barry Warsaw
  • Matthias Klose
  • Piotr Ożarowski
  • Scott Kitterman

This work is licensed under a free software license TBD.

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